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Jonathan Forward
Jonathan Forward
Jonathan Forward
Jonathan Forward

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Jon's got a different point of view than most people. He has a "days left of life" ticker on his desktop - not to remind him of dying, but rather of living, and how short & sweet it is. Jon's into old cars, loud music and his three kids - artifacts of all these passions are plastered on his office walls.

Jon is also a highly skilled designer, as it happens, with amazing levels of artistic clarity. Bringing clients' ideas to realization is what Jon does best. He executes his visions in clear, concise ways, making the confusing simple, the muddled functional once again. Except now in an ever better, more intuitive way.

Mentor to many, his managerial style is more teacher-like than boss-like. He loves letting designers' minds go where they may - as long as they're not too far off in the weeds.

Jon is also our resident Interactive Media expert.

What makes a great brand:  "A long-term viewpoint with concern for the company, products, and customer above concern over the stock price."

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