Some Words from the People Whose Opinions Matter Most

Les Sherman
Director, Workdwide Packaging
Eastman Kodak Company

Forward is brilliant at strategy. The design is amazing, but the strategy is brilliant.

That's because Forward gets the big picture, they work the seams, they spread knowledge. They understand what's going on, and they help me to see the entire business perspective.

I'm only one person. Forward is my team, and they have been for years.

Lisa Lima
Director, Brand Development
Eastman Kodak Company

I don't trust a lot of other agencies to do the right thing - to do what's best for the company. They want the project because of what it will do for them, and all they do is what we ask.

Forward wants the project because they genuinely want us to succeed, and they care enough to do what's necessary, what will work best for us today and for the long-term.

I trust Forward because Forward really cares.

Jenn Petersen
Director, Kaz Creative
Kaz, Inc.

From branding to packaging to collateral, I can always count on Forward, in more ways than I can name.

It's so easy to hand projects off - to start, mid-stream, or to finalize - and not have to worry about how they'll turn out. They deliver against tough deadlines, work within my budgets, and can be counted on for solid, quality deliverables.

I believe the projects I manage, and therefore my company, have greatly benefited over the many years Forward's talented team has worked with me.

Pete Palermo
Vice President, Operations
Alleson Athletic

Since 2008, Jim and his team at Forward Branding have impressed me as creative and results oriented. On every occasion, the team provides us with clever solution options which precisely hit the requirements described in our creative briefs.

More importantly, they always push us just beyond the edge of the envelope by providing what they call "Forward Thinking" - a final recommendation which challenges us to reach higher.

There is no one in the area I would go to before Forward. I recommend hiring Forward Branding to activate "Forward Thinking" for your business.

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